Autumn gives us the excuse to pause and savour our garden and outdoor spaces

Beyond the unrelenting heat of this summer (and often the fear for the garden’s very survival through the intense drought!) Autumn gives us an opportunity to savour the sights, smells and renewed lushness which comes from a change in weather.

It’s an opportunity to revel in airy grasses and late seasonal perennials as well as stunning autumn leaves and bountiful berries. It’s also the perfect time to plan ahead for changes you want to make to your garden space next year as these decorative ‘fillers’ begin to give way to the basic framework of forms and evergreen foliage that create the backbone of your outdoor space through all the seasons.

Ask yourself – do views need channelling or focal points creating to lead your eye through the space? Where do you sit and relax, dine and play and are these spaces working as you and your family grow? Is the planting lacking interest at certain times of the year?

Whether you are planning an entirely new garden space or restructuring the landscape you have, now is the time to look ahead with a professional design and construction plan for the new year. Bear in mind that the higher quality landscape contractors are very busy and often booked up 6-9 months ahead so give yourself enough time to get ahead before the prime Spring season. Muddy Boots offers seasonal consultations, autumn tidy ups and full design work – get in touch if you need help planning your outdoor space.

In the meantime, do sit back and enjoy the season of mellow fruitfulness…