Don’t miss out on your dream garden next Summer – plan ahead now…

This year we’ve all spent more time than ever enjoying our gardens – they have become the place to escape into newly-valued fresh air, to work and play, indeed they have been a salvation for many. We understand more about how we use our gardens – and how we would like to change them. If you are looking to redesign areas of your garden don’t leave those changes until Spring – now is the time to plan ahead for next year.

As the impact of Covid continues and combines with Brexit, the garden landscaping industry faces a shortage of landscapers, materials and plants next year.  Most landscapers are currently booking into Spring and plant nurseries are warning that stock levels will be lower than normal.   This Winter is the opportunity to review your garden and plan any design, landscaping and planting work well ahead.

So where to start in reviewing your garden design – here are my top 3 suggestions:

Evergreen structure and screening

While the skeleton of the garden is laid bare in Winter, consider if you have enough ‘green framing’ to carry it through every season.  Evergreens form the backbone of gardens as well as providing a safe haven and food for wildlife through the bleakest weather.  Evergreen doesn’t mean boring either – there are plenty of green colours and leaf textures to choose from. Consider including flowering evergreen trees such as Arbutus, variegated shrubs like hollies and dogwoods, textural grasses and soft topiary shapes.

Layered structural planting for year round interest 1
combining structural hedging with seasonal planting

Newly discovered spaces

Many of us have repurposed areas in our gardens over lockdown – creating sunny morning coffee spots, hastily-constructed home offices and gyms,  experimental vegetable patches and spontaneously planted borders. Now is the opportunity to bring these ideas together into a well-considered design that maximises our enjoyment of the space, combining the practicalities of hard landscaping with softening and structural planting.

New private coffee spots 1
discovering new places to sit

Year-round planting to create atmosphere and support nature

Lockdown studies remind us of the importance of British gardens as ‘green corridors’ for the country’s flora and fauna. Muddy Boots philosophy when designing a garden is to create colour and interest for 365 days of the year – there should always be something to catch the eye from a window in winter and a deckchair in the warmer months.  Every tree planted should have at least 3 seasons of interest, every plant should have a job whether to provide contrasting shapes (globes, spires, umbellifers, foils and more), fragrance, wildlife interest – colour is not the only deciding factor in selecting plants. 

Combining seasonal colour with evergreen structure 1
Pathways to new seating areas 1
Hardworking hellebores offer evergreen groundcover and bee friendly winter flowers

The importance of planned design

Working with a garden designer provides you with an opportunity to look at the garden with ‘fresh eyes’ –  to review what you want to feel when you are in your garden space, to pinpoint priorities from what is often a long wish list, to make the best use of time and budget, and to create a garden that brings pleasure instead of being another thing on the To Do list. Muddy Boots is currently taking design bookings to create gardens for next summer – please get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas or 07702 599562