Sensory planting in a small space

A local school wanted to create a garden space for the children to learn more about their senses, different plants and how they grow. The design had to be next to zero maintenance and robust enough for a school garden and its resident hens! The design incorporates an informal stepping stone path and musical instruments, all within a small, triangular space of just 11m x 8m.

The garden subsequently became a fitting tribute to a pupil who very sadly died at the age of 6. ‘Lottie’s garden’ continues to be a vibrant space for play and for remembering.

Update: with the help of some of Lottie’s friends and former students, we recently revisited the garden to tidy up the space as it has been heavily used by the schoolchildren and resident chickens!

“Our sensory garden is a beautiful and balanced design. The positioning of the plants has been sensitively thought through with colour and texture giving a feeling of calm.” Head Teacher


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